Orange (Pumpkins?) Flame Out with Toothless Batty Dragon

Majoon, Dan and the boys Lotusland Oct 2020

Can anyone disguised as Crayola crayon find a, eh, ‘The’ Mad Hatter? And, if so, where should they look? And how did they convince Dan to dress in green. Who was able to find the only puddle in rainless Santa Barbara? And how much did he weigh when carried because his “shoe was wet”? Where was Batman (and family) spotted?How is Dan’s air guitar? Who is the family sand castle expert? (Does a sand dragon count?) And finally: How old should you be when your baby teeth begin to fall out? Hint: How old is Tiger. Read More...

exotic glass mermaids lost by aquarium lawyers

The Adams family halloween 2018

Who travels, economy class, with eleven (11!) items? Who counts every carry-on to make sure that ‘nothing is forgotten’? Doesn’t every family need a hand blown glass mermaid Christmas Tree ornament? Melika, Tom and Family are costume specialists. What did the group ‘go as’ for Halloween? Would you populate an aquarium with fish bought on the internet and transported by Fedex? How fast can a neon tetra swim? (Can a much larger rainbow fish swim faster?) Which one has the bigger mouth? What does Tiger want to be when he grows up? Read More...

Cleopatra’s Cowboy feathers Marc Antony’s Indians with Burning Man

naz and dan shreves party

Who wears the hats in the family? (Especially on Halloween.) Can Marc Dantony out-glam CleoNazy?How do cascading white feathers compared to fringed buckskin? Can anyone talk Dan into wearing a Burning Man costume to a Halloween party? How about Kinky Boots? Are they better on Broadway or on Nazy or, even (gasp!) on Dan? Why does jet lag make it impossible to fall asleep — except when the snooze button is pushed?


Tarmac delays threatened aircraft evacuation on inactive taxiway

Arrow and Tiger on swing Nov 2016

Is it unreasonable to expect that your airline will find an open gate when your flight lands? Who waited more impatiently: Dan or Tiger? How did Nazy convey her ire? And why didn’t American Airlines react? Was Arrow happy when Tiger ‘shared’ his toy Humvee? Why didn’t Melika and Tom join the Halloween costume parade this year? How well are the grand(est)sons bonding? Read More...

Bananas trump cowboys as pumpkins tout gatorade Jack-o-Lantern

At the winery October 2016

Who would prescribe that 16 eight ounce glasses of gatorade be consumed in 4 hours? (And did they know that gatorade tastes like bottled sweat?) What sacrifice did Dan make in order to get a pair of donuts? And who let the grand(est)son eat one of those donuts? Is Tiger aware of the Bugatti brand? And, if not, did Dan buy the model car for himself? Who sketched the concept design for The Martin Family jack-o-lantern? Will Dan and Nazy reuse their banana Halloween costumes? Read More...

smelly cows and racing pigs dominate pumpkin festival

naz pumpkin fingers

What do pigs and cows have to do with pumpkins and autumn? Where is there an international turnip festival? And how does it compare to the global onion jamboree? Who arranged a ride that was literally on a cattle car? How do the Swiss create the cow-filled, picturesque mountain glens? (Hint: think about the cattle car.) Is there a child on the planet that doesn’t like Cotton Candy? Read More...

Unprepared Dan battles Diapers, The Donald and the Appliance Warrior

The family Halloween 2015

Nazy heads to San Francisco leaving Dan in charge of The Grand(est)son. Can he handle The Challenge? Can he handle the challenge? Ha! He’s protected his California home from floods for the last three years. Note: Readers are encouraged to forget the drought. If Halloween finds Tom and Melika in a connected western horse costume, why is young Tiger dressed like Donald Trump? No matter, he’ll be great: surrounded by great people with great ideas all wanting to make America great again. And, as a 16 month old baby, he’s ideally aged to imitate The Donald Read More...