Read Hop on Pop ’s Bananas at Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Patch

Leandra and Auriane at the pumpkin patch in a cart

Who knows, and communicates, the Washington State Rules of ‘This House’? Are swings and slides safe in the time of COVID? Will Dan be able to successfully walk around Lake Padden? It shouldn’t be hard: Magellan and Francis Drake circumnavigated the whole planet. But — Dan was on foot and they had sails. How is Trader Joe still able to sell a banana for the same price they charged in the 1960’s? What do you look for when you go to a pumpkin festival? Who made a Jack-O-Lantern with glasses? Read More...

marines layer fog on new walker near hand-holding diapers

PJ photo July 10 2020
What does a PR specialist call Santa Barbara morning fog? Hint: It has something to do with the marines. Who has learned to walk? (And sleep in her high chair.) Can Dan master a Dr. Seuss book that he reads via Zoom? In this case, ‘master’ means that he reads it without having the listener, a three year old who has memorized the book, detect a mistake? Is it good news that 1 year old Azelle has figured out how to remove her diaper? What, or more specifically, ‘who’ will convince Arrow that it’s okay to dip your toes in the ocean? Will Arrow wear his size four pajamas at the party? Read More...

Vacuum seals vie with mentos, cola and red tail hawks

Tiger reading mitra email on chair

Why would Nazy ask (gasp!) Dan for help cooking Persian rice? And why did Dan’s suggestion — a suggestion that involved using the freezer — turn out to be appropriate? How can a substitute kindergarten science teacher spice up science class? Hint: think Diet Coke and Mentos. What apocalyptic event caused The Martin Family to discard an unused roll of precious toilet paper? How much do Nazy’s eye drops cost — without insurance? Who reads upside down? And who is learning to stand up? Read More...

smashing pumpkin donut festivities while parking with the Queen

Dar, Leandra and Christiane pumpkin standing

Where can you find delicious pumpkin donuts? (Hint: Think Pumpkin Festivals in patchy plowed fields.) Can we find a Washington State grown pumpkin that is suitable — well, not merely suitable, but perfect, for a family Jack-o-Lantern? How far into the patch will we have to stroll, eh, walk, eh, hike to find it? Has Vancouver changed since The Martin Family lived there in the 80’s? Did Queen Elizabeth really park in Vancouver? Read More...

Alleged Giant LAX in pumpkin booking fiasco

Darius and Leandra in greenhouse Oct 2019

Who forgot to paint the pumpkin orange? If the answer is ‘Exit 734’, what is the question? (This is for fans of Jeopardy and for Tiger.) Why did the pumpkin patch roll out a tractor with ‘Big Wheels’ in the front and the back? They did it right after Dan explained that tractors have big wheels in the back. How long did it take to get from the hotel room (1.2 miles from LAX) to the gate? Hint: you won’t believe it. Where did we find (the lovely) Leandra and (the astounding) Auriane? Did we have time to notice their parents?


water $’s float away on baptisms and birthday

nazy and azelle August 17 2019 at party

Water, water, everywhere — and not a drop for free. (Or even for a reasonable price.) Who turned a $ water bill into a $$$$ National Deficit? And, speaking of water, which six month old baby was unimpressed with the ‘water’ concept that is associated with Christening? What was the perfect occasion for Dan to wear his
harlequin shirt? What kind of bottles did Dan buy for a first birthday celebration? What can you do when ‘the children’ have no problems with jet lag, but ‘the parents’ are not so lucky?