Dilapidated LAX Welcomes Darius from Crimean Wars

Darius and baby best

Will the Iran Visa in Darius’ passport cause him problems at the border? Will it increase the likelihood that he will be selected for a ‘random’ special security review? Who is reading a book that (purportedly) proves 2+2= ? Can Mitra, Darius and Stefan defend their championship position at The Meet in the Heat? How will Dan and Nazy celebrate their anniversary? Read More...

No Macbroke return for thirsty flower-eating gophers

dan and baby at mels five weeks

How did Dan’s MacBook Pro turn into a MacBroke Slab? (Did an unsteady can of Coke zero have something to do with it?) How much can Apple charge (with a straight face) to replace a keyboard? How did the local hardware store get ahold of Syria’s chemical weapons? Why are mountain lions eating Nazy’s flowers? Read More...

Organic Insecticide Fails on Dan’s 4th holiday Lion King

The Lionese

Do we need organic flowers? Why does Dan think insecticides should kill insects? Should fireworks technicians be surprised by falling embers? Where did the Lion sleep tonight? How does the King of the Jungle respond to a ‘suggestion’ from the lioness? Read More...

TV monopoly rains on Feline monster world record

mel and baby July 1 2014

How does an 18 pound cat react to losing his place as ‘top dog’? What is Dan’s foolproof plan to eliminate the California draught problem with a simple use of Applied Mathematics? (Note: Dan has a degree in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Tech.) Have you ever had to deal with the barbarians on the customer ‘service’ desk? Were your ‘helpless’ agents named Attila and Genghis? Read More...