Travel Humor

Neon graveyard in Death Valley presages Mojave campout

nazy and Dan on neon museum

Who would propose a romantic trip to Death Valley as a birthday gift? (Hint: the person celebrating her birthday gave the proposer a colonoscopy for his birthday.) Where is the hottest, the driest and the lowest US National Park? Would you want to visit a tacky, neon lit cemetery? (Well, we were in Las Vegas.) Should you listen to a navigation computer that recommends a route that is 75 miles longer? And, related: Is there anything to do when you’re completely stopped, between Mojave desert exits, on the I-15? Read More...

Wildebeest with Glasses visits Mexico with mabel & Mortimer

mitra and Stefan again

Dan flew to Newark (as in New Jersey) voluntarily. Why? Can anything go wrong? (Hint: Dan flew on United Airlines.) Who booked the wildebeest in the economy seating section? Did the airline treat Mabel and Morty appropriately? Why did Darius need his passport for a trip to San Diego? And, Dan claimed: “Tijuana is boring!” What happened to prove his point? Read More...