Super Truck Boxes Congeal in Kitchen

The truck

How is international relocation like riding a bicycle? [Did you know that Dan broke his wrist riding a bicycle? Twice!] How much concentrated mass is necessary to trigger neutron collapse? [Is the planet at risk?] Will Nazy’s closets past muster? Read More...

Viking propositions no Cause for Alarm

tree by the house

Where did we find a refrigerator larger than our kitchen in Zurich? Is it possible to do business with an insurance agent who’s lived in Oxnard his entire life? If California told you that your coffee contained chemicals known to cause cancer, would that be a ‘cause for alarm’? How about if they added that your new car, meals at every restaurant, household paint, potted plants and toothbrushes contained similar (gasp!) chemicals? Suppose that your container was ‘randomly’ selected for a special examination by US customs - and you had to pay extra for them to do their job. Would this be ‘cause for alarm’?

Forgotten storage snows Beirut Tango movie

Darius in vancouver copy

Would you like to learn about Melika’s sure-fire business plan? (Why are Dan and Nazy ideal customers? Did Darius disprove the concept?) What would happen to Washington if arrogance and ignorance resulted in an uncontrolled chain reaction? Where can you read a journal page written by a five year old in 1985? Read More...

Butterfly Eucalyptus cookies with Addams Family commercials

XMAS Square Croped

Would laundry detergent in the dishwasher create a white Christmas? Where do you go to see 50,000 hibernating monarch butterflies? Will anyone listen to Miss Madeline, the non-sentient navigation computer? And what does Dan think about TV commercials in America? Read More...