Gray Whales dance with tango challenged Chase Bank

whale all of it

Can Dan, by some fluke, get a photo of a sounding whale? What is the ocean equivalent of ‘fruits and vegetables’? Would you migrate from Alaska to Mexico to spawn? Can someone with musical ability of a mute barnacle learn to dance? And, finally, will Chase Bank pay the late fee assessed by Darius? Read More...

sonar baby and dolphin trumps cosmic Microwave Background

mel at sonagram

Can you see migrating dolphins from the Pacific Coastal Highway? Can Melika find a human and practical use for cetacean echolocation on ‘hump’ day? What does the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and Dan’s colorblindness test have to do with Melika’s pregnancy? And can anyone surf near a waveless beach? Read More...

Soupy Keyboards foster aggressive competitive lucky Meditation

Dar and all

Why does Dan prefer carrot sticks to carrot soup? Will Darius make the family proud by winning the competitive meditation championship of Los Angeles? (Did Dan’s advice: “Meditate aggressively” help the cause?) What do soup, ice tea and hot tea have in common? And finally, what does the macroeconomist say about debt repayment? (And does the photo have anything to do with the letter content?) Read More...

wasta jet d’Eau shoots meditating brussel sprouts at Dan

darius and sunset

Why is Dan rinsing brussel sprouts out of his mustache? Hint: A plumber was visiting the house in Santa Barbara. Can meditation missteps ruin someone’s involuntary nervous system? Who is able to track oxygen molecules as they travel from nose to diaphragm and (yuck!) beyond? What is WASTA and why doesn’t Darius use his? Read More...