Sunset Crane corners autumn at Downton Beach walk

Dan and Nazy walking on beach Sept 2019

Does the Autumn equinox generate better sunsets? Where is the best place to scientifically examine the issue? Can colorblindness lead to inaccurate assessments? Who wanted to ‘buy CDs’? Who doesn’t know what a CD is? How does Arrow cope now that Tiger is at a different school?

Burning Man fixes fountain foibles while kindergarten surfs

Tiger on the Surfboard

How would you prepare for and what would you wear to… Burning Man? How did gravitational anomalies screw up the cascade on The Martin Family fountain? (In fact, was a gravitation fault, an installation error or a maintenance flaw more likely. Hint: Dan was responsible for maintenance.) How will someone who doesn’t like the ocean (Tiger) because it’s ‘too wavey’ respond to surfing lessons? How did ‘Meet your Kindergarten Teacher’ go? How about the first day of pre-school without your big brother? And who wants to push big trucks around the living room? Read More...

Labor (birth) Day scrapes meatball from Spaghetti

Azelle Bday cake at home

Why is Labor Day Dan’s favorite holiday? And how did Arrow’s first Tiger-free day of pre-school go? Did he miss his brother? Should Tiger’s landscape painting have a bulldozer? And what color is the watermelon? How will Tiger (Da Vinci) Adams and Arrow (Botticelli) Adams influence 21st century art? Who was ‘willing’ to ‘help’ Azelle blow our the candles on her (first) birthday cake and open her presents? Who’s favorite song is “On Top of Spaghetti’? Read More...