nazy with tiger at lotus land

Is it possible to celebrate Persian New Year with a yellow hyacinth instead of a gold fish? Do Koi and goldfish get along together? More precisely, would you rather be the Koi or the goldfish?). Who knows the half-life of toxic Eucalyptus saw dust? Can a baby outtalk a docent? And who is ‘an enemy of the average’? Read More...

broken: exhibit, watch and tree. Missing: whales and ME

mitra, naz and Stefan in Hammer museum March 2015

Why does an expertly negotiated free replacement cost money? Why do Los Angeles museums go on alert when Dan is in the city? On a related note: Why is Dan unable to read the ‘do not touch’ sign? What color hyacinth has the most beautiful fragrance thereby making it the best choice for Persian New Year? How can anyone miss a whale boat? And, why does the homeowners association want to harpoon the Eucalyptus tree? Read More...

prowling tiger pokes words into practiced focus

Melika and Tiger Feb 2015 outdoors

Why does eye doctor advise go in one ear and out the other? Why is Dan relearning how to read? Is the now very mobile grand(est)son clairvoyant? Does clairvoyance imply fine motor control? Will readers be surprised by the self-destruction of a paragraph in this week’s edition of The Weekly Letter? How long does it take the high-tech international banking system to clear an international check? Read More...

Melika birthday colors crash eucalyptus branch and salmon

Tom and Tiger Swimming Feb 2015

Why did Melika push Ronnie off of the swing? (And how old was she when she did it?) What do Santa Barbara, San Diego, New Orleans and Miami have in common. (Hint: It’s not a Nittany Lion.) Can a 100 foot high Eucalyptus Tree mimic an earthquake? Will the local ecology police fine Dan for harboring undocumented flora? Finally, can Dan see with his new eyes and new color-correcting sunglasses? Read More...