vaccine sirens and lights culminate in outdoor pizza rainbow

nazy mitra and Tiger fixing dinner

Can Dan explain how vaccines work to young children? Was it a good idea to include disguise, police cars, blue lights and yellow goo in the explanation? How did Pfizer increase it’’s vaccine delivery by 20% without increasing manufacturing? Does the shape of sand grains have and impact on adobe pizza oven domes? Hint: Don’t try this at home with spherical sand grains? Will the AdobeOven 2.0 work better than the Alpha version. Will the rain spoil the party? Will the rainbow mark celebration or it mock effort? Read More...

Sunset as spherical sand grains fail both pizzas and cliffs

Dan, Nazy boys gib Jan 2 2021 1

Would you use sand with spherical grains to build your adobe pizza oven? Did you know that you can buy spherically grained sand? Would you use these materials to construct cliffs overlooking a restless ocean? Remember when phones were attached to the wall — and didn’t have cameras or games? Who would want to live then? Where can you see a giant white turkey? What can you see from the local mountain tops?

sun-bow over homemade pizza oven highlights the week

Cropped mission rainbow

What is a sun bow? Where can you see one? What is smirch? Where can you find it? Is it easy to design and built an adobe house? Should you practice with something simpler like an adobe pizza oven? Does anyone know how to build such an oven? What situation made it reasonable for Stefan to burn unused, pristine toilet paper in the middle of a pandemic-induced shortage? How do you ‘fire’ a pizza oven? Hint: You don’t just give it a pink slip. Read More...

Flamingo and Skunk, Christmas sweaters with fondue and Katy Perry

xmas 2020 picture 1 copy

Who was unable to find the Pacific Ocean while driving to Los Angeles? Isn’t just drive West until you hit the water and then turn left? And who’s idea was it to hide the Pacific Coast Highway? What’s the downside of having an avocado tree outside of your bedroom window? Hint: The local Skunk likes avocados — and not every local predator knows what a skunk can do. How was Dan able to get Katy Perry’s address? What did the toy flamingo Christmas gift do? And what was the theme for the annual family photo? Read More...