Nazy grabs Crow’s Nest Sunset on Jupiter Coastal trail

dan and nazy aialik glacier close

How did Dan and Nazy walk to Saturn (at the speed of light) on Anchorage’s Coastal Trail? Is there a ‘right’ side of the airplane when you’re flying from Fairbanks to Anchorage? (Hint: Right. Denali.) So… Dan used the internet and early access in an attempt to book a table at the Crow’s Nest in Alaska. In contrast Nazy used in person charm and flattery. Which approach worked better? Hint: We had sunset dinner at the Crow’s Nest. Where did we get a photo of Nazy with a pink bear? Is there a better train trip than the one to Seward from Anchorage?

Airplane floats on Turnagain Arm as glacier retreats

dan and nazy lake george and Knik glacier

Does Dan still owe money for his student loans? Are Darius and Family enjoying Lebanon? Why would a hotel be COVID nonchalant at check-in, but COVID aware when it comes to (not) servicing the room? Oh my! How could that be? Who planted all the flowers in Alaska? Will Nazy sightsee on a single engine float plane? (Will that plane float?) Why did Captain Bligh (yes, that Bligh) name one arm of the Cook Inlet the ‘Turnagain Arm’? What do all Alaskans agree about? Read More...