Elevator trap muffles claustrophobic siren at LAX immigration

Arrw, Nazy, tiger, Dan on boat Nov 2018

How many beautiful sunsets can be seen in a perfect Thanksgiving holiday? Why is defective hearing an employee feature in an Ixtapa resort? And how did we discover the prevalence? If you hear a siren do you think wildfire or elevator emergency? What is it like being trapped in a defective elevator with a claustrophobic 4 year old? Why did LAX let most employees take off on the busiest travel day in the year? Who was on the flying trapeze? (Hint: it wasn’t Dan.) Read More...

Arrow slides to snorkel-free Ixtapa Thanksgiving sunsets

The Adamas family cruise

What time should you leave Santa Barbara in order to catch an international flight from LAX that is scheduled to depart at 7:01? AM? Additional information: It is not a United flight, so you can’t count a tardy departure? Would the presence of the ‘Premier Outlets’ on the direct route influence your departure timing? How did Tiger and Arrow capture the meaning of Thanksgiving? Is it possible to pronounce ‘Zihuatanejo’ without being able to speak Spanish? Did Dan find a snorkeling face mask that didn’t leak around his mustache? What is as welcome as an infestation of fire ants? Read More...