Soggy flight, London night, car not right, see the sight

Everyone at the Stafford

How will Tiger cope on a nonstop flight from Los Angeles to London? More appropriately how will the accompanying adults (Tom, Melika, Nazy and Dan) cope? How will British Air cope? What about the poor guy from India who is assigned a middle seat between Nazy (with Tiger) and Dan? Who failed to appropriately secure the diaper before handing a satiated baby to Dan at the very beginning of the flight? Will the London Marathon foil the family sightseeing plans? Can Dan master a car with the steering wheel on the ‘wrong side’? How does Tom compare with the silicon-based navigation system? Read More...

Fish fights wedding trip offspring memories in yellow dress

four genrations 1981

Should money be an object if life if threatened? Does it make a difference if the life in danger is that of a Siamese fighting fish? As we get ready for the Cyprus wedding next week, Dan waxes nostalgic with offspring observations and old photos. And what’s better: speaking French or being able to do a great French accent? Hiking in the Alps or hiking in the Carpathian (the Alps of Eastern Europe)? Moving to Iceland or moving to Houston? And, see a four-generation family photo that challenged Photoshop. Read More...

party line iPhone Bings flawed outlook account

dand and Tiger April 2016

How did Australia infiltrate the family iPhone network? And did Dan really drop Siri on the Barbie? Does anyone remember what a ‘party line’ means — relative to a telephone? How did Siri drag Microsoft into the fray? And is my call “important to anyone”? What drove Dan and Nazy to go walkabout? Can the damage done by a two year old with a remote be undone? Read More...

romantic shingles ram and juice nazy’s birthday celebration

better naz and wardrove

Why wasn’t Nazy impressed with Dan’s birthday gift? After all, isn’t it true that the family that gets vaccinated together, stays together? And, do you think that a cold juicer is, well, utilitarian rather than romantic? Was it possible that Dan missed subtle hints about alternatives. (BTW: when you think ‘subtle’, think of elephants stampeding or Presidential candidates ‘debating’ or fireworks factories exploding.) Did Nazy forget that her birthday is on April Fool’s Day? What did she do with Elmer’s glue and a bottle of sand? And, were Dan and Nazy able to avoid the woodlands police while following an ancient Persian tradition? Read More...