sad and heavy coin collection sits on wap with googles

nazy and the boys Jan 2019

How will Tiger react to the ‘saddest song ever’? Hint: Oh no! It’s a song about a cake, a rainstorm and a recipe.) After Nazy and Dan’s storage treasurers yielded a bevy of 220V European appliances (and Christmas Tree lights) and personally hacked out chunks of the Berlin Wall, was there anything else to find? Of course there was — but why did Dan want to rent a forklift? Who wants to sit on someone’s ‘wap’ while wearing his swim googles? Read More...

broccoli juice floats in big-brimmed, well-goggled, swimming hula hoop

mirror at music class Nov 2017

Does the dire condition, “Hat Brim Envy” afflict every member of The Martin Family? If your hat has a propellor on the top, does that qualify as a ‘cool’ brim? What plan did Dan follow that led to a goggle wearing Tiger? How many parts does a cold juicer have? Why does it matter. What is stronger: the strong nuclear force or the gritty stickiness of nanometer sized particles of spinach? Who is the family hula hoop champion? (Hint: the finalists were Tiger and Arrow.)