Dance with Lance snow the plants

trees in seegraben

Did the Seegraben Festival organizers base their Swimming Pumpkin sculpture on a photograph of Dan? Who decided to skip autumn - moving directly from summer to winter? Is there any rational reason for a trip to Beirut? Read More...

Broccoli saves the Lebanese downsized Finger

temple of hera

How can a (taste-free) vegetable like broccoli save Nazy’s finger? Where do they take the term ‘down-size’ literally? What does the OJ trial have to do with a Zurich medical device? Read More...

Flying Fingers Broken Mugs Fired Pottery

in castle

What does a shopping cart miscue in 2006 have to do with a kitchen disaster in 2012? Why did Nazy shatter Darius’ hand-made, ceramic mug? (Why was Dan brave enough to mention that?) Where would you put a lost finger?

Note: The photo is unrelated to the content of the letter.

Butterfly robes until the Cows come home

nazy in albeuve

Who needs depth charges inn the swimming pool? How would you retrieve a Schmettering (butterfly) robe from the laundry? Why is the Swiss Bénichon Festival the best thing to do after you’ve been trapped in a dreadfully slow queue? Read More...

Haughty waiters chase costumed Christmas fish

costume galore

What’s the best word to describe the Ribeauville waiter: Haughty? Rude? Slow? or Typical? Where are the most colorful tablecloths on sale? Where do the adults wear costumes on Dan’s birthday? Is Riquewihr “on the way home”? Read More...