Green Geraniums offered grandest refuge in Death Valley

nazy and Jamsheed Sept 29

Who banished the geraniums to rocky, sunless, dry exile? (And why did Dan do it?) Who is watering the geraniums - and letting them get even with Dan? Did the flowers really break the garden trowel? How did Tango Music inspire the grand(est)son ever? And, do you know where you left your feet? And, finally, what personal characteristic is one most likely to find in Congress? (Hint: It’s a word invented by Dickens.)

Feline ice-cubes celebrate grandest iPhone Equinox

Tom, Melika, Jamsheed 3 months

How does the cat react when he realizes that he’s not the top dog? How do we know that the cat is a Tango aficionado? (Hint: it has to do with a bandoneon.) Why should the autumn equinox be celebrated with a freshly baked cake? Will ice cubes work as drip irrigation technology? How did Dan get access to photographs of the iPhone7c? Read More...

Blue Suede Situations hoist Chopstick Lifesavers

dan and Jamsheed Sept 12

What do biceps have in common with chopsticks and candy lifesavers? Is it possible to polish blue suede shoes? Why does Dan think that Roentgen is responsible for the condition of Darius’ sneakers? Is it wise to consider a job offer from a university that has a ‘situation’? (Does any university not have a situation?) Read More...

Tale told by Friends Romans and candles strutting and fretting

family scared 2014

How does Dan weave Hamlet and MacBeth into a weekly letter celebrating the autumn equinox? And what were you dreaming about on a midsummer’s night? Did you know that midsummer - in fact all of summer - ended on September 1st? Why does Darius need designer shoes before he returns to Beirut? Read More...