Magic (La) cage castles legally zoom and cirque

nazy at the redbury

How can you make the 40th wedding anniversary most magical? Who is Iris and why does she love the Circus? Who would want to legally zoom an IPO at 4:00AM? Find out in this, the California edition of The Weekly Letter. Read More...

Once Upon an M&M anniversary New York Phase

a nazy and dan at wedding

Are ruby-red M&M’s the right gift for a 40th wedding anniversary celebration? Where is the best place to shop in the 21st Century in New York? Who was Intrepid enough to see Once but not Enterprising enough to see the shuttle? Read More...

McMurdo rental in Istanbul fixes neon screwdriver

statue of liberty

A miracle: All three offspring are in the same part of the world. How did that happen? Who would rent a car in Elko and return it to McMurdo? Why did Nazy break Dan’s handcrafted handy work? (Did she blame Dan for shoddy construction?) What does Barclay have to do with
Fukushima? And why is there a photo of the Statue of Liberty on this edition of The Weekly Letter?

Independent stumbling hail hits dutch lime

along the Mauritskade

Did the departure of Barclay’s CEO cause hail in Switzerland? What does a Linden Tree (as in ‘Unter den Linden&rsquoWinking have to do with Great Britain? Why did Dan and Nazy fly to Holland? And: Who is Adele? Read More...

Varnished Wine presages Engagement Drama

dan and bear darcy park dijon

Can Dan prove that Amy the Amaryllis was reincarnated in June? Is it wise to order a Burgundy wine in the Burgundy region of France? (If you think it’s a good idea, please send confirmation to my spouse: Is it true that the father always knows what will happen - first?

The photo was taken in Darcy Park in Dijon.