Eucalyptus attacks Trigger El Nino apocalyptic vest

nazy reading to Tiger

If the weather bureau can’t manage autumn (Who agreed to routinely permit Santa Barbara's October high temperatures to loiter in the 90’s?), then why should we listen to dire warnings about an El Nino winter? Who would go to a Halloween costume party dressed as Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger? (Hint: Trigger was a horse.) Assuming the context is ‘costume’ rather than ‘hunger’, would you choose a banana or a Lion? In a battle for survival, how can a ‘down on its luck’ Eucalyptus Tree seize an opportunity? Read More...

stuff replicator swims In deficit stressed renovation

Tiger swimming July 2015

Did Dan actually manage an on-budget kitchen renovation project? (And why didn’t he learn anything from that success?) Who hid a ‘stuff-replicator’ in Dan and Nazy’s stuff? How do we know that it’s there? Did the replicator hide replicants of itself in Melika’s house? Why is silence the secret to a successful negotiation? And, finally how is the grand(est)son doing with his swimming? Read More...

Flat Beds Fly: Elite-less airlines Lie with immobile movers

nazy, dan and albert einstein

Why do airlines tout ‘flat beds’ while mattress companies promote beds that let you sit up? Can Dan cope with the loss of Elite Frequent Flyer Status? Is he willing to pay for an upgrade? Will he ‘go nuclear’ when given an invoice for checked baggage? How did a Burning Man U-Haul experience prepare Melika and Tom for a house move? And, in a home renovation project, what’s more important: the master bath toilet or the outdoor hot tube? (Hint: the ‘movees’ live in California.

Zuni necklace? Tee-Shirt? While Bison Dan blocks the road

Western Belle

If you’re making a vintage western photograph, would Dan be The Good? The Bad? or The Ugly? *(Hint: Nazy said he could assume ‘The Good.&rsquoWinking Who, when they can’t decide on a tee-shirt color, compromises by buying a necklace? And a pair of boots? And a vest? And a hat?Where can you see a landscape that reminds you of Io? Read More...