rainy seasons make nefarious degert tillers abnormal

dan and tiger on swing

Where is the ‘rainy season’ most predictably rainy? Is a ‘flash flood warning’ a good indicator? How does the sentence “Dinosour: The degert you a bed of fory hare” help Donald Trump’s election campaign? (And how is it related to Middle School Civics class?) Where is ‘average’ actually abnormal? And, if your sailboat is moving backwards, is throwing the tiller at the ‘Wind God’ a nautically approved reaction? Read More...

abracadabra weather baffles gladiolus brained navigator

sunrise la vista

Can Nazy communicate with the voice recognition controls on the navigation computer? (I asked Siri on the iPhone 5 and she said: ‘Try asking your question in a different way’.) Will the magic word (weather) that absolves all airline sin work in an IT environment? (On a related topic, is it true that Catholic Priests whisper ‘weather’ after a confession?) Does anyone know what the ‘check engine’ light means? Read More...

thirsty beret weathers mud season fire ant

Dar and snow

Would you defy an authoritarian mandate to slack the thirst of a parched stranger? What if the stranger was your lawn? (And the authority was the city water commission?) Can Dan find a way to complain about the weather in Santa Barbara? Who decided to live in Houston? And why is Dan wearing a beret and speaking with a forked tongue? (Or was that wearing a cowboy hat and speaking with a European accent?)