anniversary dreams and new jeans while Leandra beam

dan Nazy and leandra

Can Melika and Nazy fix Dan’s baggy jeans problem? (Did that pair really make Dan’s butt look big?). What is a perfect way to celebrate a wedding anniversary? How about a perfect place? Is there any correlation between the way, the place and the grand(est)daughter ever? Who sleeps better: six week old Leandra or jet lagged Dan and Nazy? Who is the center of attention: the international arrivals or the new arrival? Read More...

smoke and ash, butterfly balloons and toys thrill birthday boy

nazy and arrow with arrow shirt

Has Dan found an appropriate use for the clown horn ringtone? Does anyone need to have an Australian accented female announce iPhone callers? And, thinking about that, why do we say the phone ‘rings’ when, in fact, ringing is not what it does? How did the nearby wildfire remind Dan of a snowy night in New Hampshire? Did the music school recycle Tiger’s birthday party hat on Arrow’s first birthday? Who popped the butterfly balloon? And how is the youngest, but grandest daughter sleeping? (And notice that Arrow is wearing an 'arrow' shirt.) Read More...

basmati rice rescues soggy iPhone, but who is watching Arrow

dan and arrow trike July 2017

Who forgot Tiger’s swim suit — just as he began private lessons? Who turned off the pool heater — just as Tiger began private lessons? Who forgot to bring a bag of (basmati) rice to the swimming pool? And, why did it matter? Hint: Who forgot to take the iPhone out of his pocket before entering the swimming pool?) What is the exciting news associated with Emirates Air? And, who is patient about growing up? Read More...

The sun in the middle of solstice parades as Leandra sleeps

tiger and nazy at light board july 1 2017

How did marching in last year’s Solstice Parade impact decisions about this year’s festivities Hint: last year the temperature was 100℉, Melika was 8½ months pregnant, and Tiger, miffed that someone wouldn’t let him eat ‘all of the donuts’ insisted on being carried. What is a Santa Barbara cascarone? Will Dan be able to convince Microsoft that he lives in the USA? And why does it matter? Hint: He did not buy Microsoft Word from Nokia when he was working in Geneva. Why does Dan want to change Tiger’s name? And, who is excited by being allowed to sleep 4 (whole) uninterrupted hours? Find answers at The Weekly Letter. The newest issue (The sun in the middle of solstice parades as Leandra sleeps) is available directly by clicking here.