foggy flamingos party while bloviating politicians reverse time

Costa Rafting

How did a flamingo Christmas gift influence Azelle’s trip to the zoo? How does it feel when all the adults in the e x t e n d e d family have been vaccinated? What is the May Gray? And the June Gloom? Why are we thinking of changing the name our our hometown to Santa Fogara? Why did Arrow keep telling Tiger: “We are not having fun, Tiger!”? Where is the Law of Gravity non-applicable? What topics were covered in the latest Tiger and Arrow talks? Read More...

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Dan the Ref

Is there anyone in the country who has not mastered the art of ordering pick-up? Hint: The answer is ‘Yes’ — and predictably that person was in line right in front of Dan at the Thai restaurant. Do you like Pad Woonseen better than Pad Thai? How did the second dose of Moderna vaccine feel? (We’re the Dodgers playing?) How much coursework and on-the-job training does it take to become a Pillow Fight Referee?