foggy flamingos party while bloviating politicians reverse time

Costa Rafting

How did a flamingo Christmas gift influence Azelle’s trip to the zoo? How does it feel when all the adults in the e x t e n d e d family have been vaccinated? What is the May Gray? And the June Gloom? Why are we thinking of changing the name our our hometown to Santa Fogara? Why did Arrow keep telling Tiger: “We are not having fun, Tiger!”? Where is the Law of Gravity non-applicable? What topics were covered in the latest Tiger and Arrow talks? Read More...

May Gray advertises bonkers zip-line bunkers

nazy on Beach April 3 2021

What is the Santa Barbara ‘F-Word’? How did fog trick Dan into a family faux pas when they lived in Holland? What season comes after May Gray? (Is it worse than
Mud Season?) Who has new glasses? Who wears their glasses while they are sleeping? (And why?) Having vanquished Dan in the cyberwars, will Tiger be able to beat the App Developers? What does he think about App Adware? Read More...

Dry rains swing with gorgeous monkey in Asia stroller

Darius, Auriane and Leandra April 2021 Portal with glasses

How will a two year old react to glasses? (How can you tell that a two year old may need glasses?) Now that First Grade has resumed in-person teaching, can University resumption be far behind? What does Tiger think about the new school rules? Why are caterpillars the most exciting thing happening at school? Should I tell him about the cicadas? Where did Azelle see ‘gorgeous monkeys’? (From a stroller?) Has Arrow been to Africa? Read More...