baby grand(est)son uses duct tape to fix translucent eye

melika and standing baby

Was Dan’s surgeon really using duct tape? Why is a pirate eye patch not in the cards? Do you need two fully functional eyes in order to have adequate depth perception? How did Dan repurpose his thesis to a solve a practical problem? ’Who is “babying” the baby? (And Why?) Read More...

cupcake cups and draught conspiracy color- Correct the sunset

naz, jamsheed and balllon Feb 2015

Has someone in the locker room uncovered a draught conspiracy? Do you think aliens (either illegal or extraterrestrial) are stealing water from the Lake? What do you call the little things that cupcakes are baked in? And why do babies find those things so exciting? Special sunglasses correct Dan’s color vision - but won’t work in Zurich. Why? And what does that have to do with Mitra and Vancouver. Read More...

High surf Crashes HSBC SWIFT link At Rabbit Zoo with popcorn pigeons

dan, nazy and tiger at zoo Feb 2015

Does a ‘high surf advisory’ apply to a stroll along the beach? (And, on a related topic, can Dan and Nazy outrun a tidal wave?) What make us think that the grand(est)son is easily pleased? (Hint: His favorite zoo animal is the pigeon.) Why is HSBC, the megabuck that helps zillionaires avoid taxes, unable to handle a simple wire transfer? And, finally, what is Darius’ favorite flower color. (Hint: He, like the grand(est)son is easy to please.) Read More...

raincoats on Daniel & a Wife always right: a few of my favorite things


Can Dan find the Australian raincoat that he bought in Switzerland? Does he remember the purpose of a raincoat? If pharmacy said that your prescription would be ready in 15 minutes, would you wait? (Hint: It was a CVS pharmacy.) Who taught the grand(est)son to speak Chinese? How do you decide to switch from repair mode to replace mode? And is Nazy always right? Read More...

cheerios launched as weight-Lifted grandson crawls linearly

nazy feeding baby

Who is miffed at the swimming instructor? Can Dan photograph what Nazy can only hear? (What if the sound came from Vandenberg Air Force Base?) Who likes Cheerios? And does not like half a jar of Apples and Blueberries? Why does Dan no longer need to lift weights. (At the gym?) Read More...