anniversary dreams and new jeans while Leandra beam

dan Nazy and leandra

Can Melika and Nazy fix Dan’s baggy jeans problem? (Did that pair really make Dan’s butt look big?). What is a perfect way to celebrate a wedding anniversary? How about a perfect place? Is there any correlation between the way, the place and the grand(est)daughter ever? Who sleeps better: six week old Leandra or jet lagged Dan and Nazy? Who is the center of attention: the international arrivals or the new arrival? Read More...

Arrows fly while Tigers sigh on 44th anniversary high

naz, dan, Admiral at wedding

Last week a newest grandest baby arrived in Santa Barbara. Were Tom and Melika ready? How did they come up with a name? Hint: it involved the I Ching and a movie western. Has young Tiger, the oldest grand(est)son, developed a love of arrows? (Or at least one particular arrow?) Did Dan remember his wedding anniversary? (Without being reminded?)