June-uary Birthday marbles dance with hatted crayons

dan and nazy at Tiger's birthday party

Why didn’t it feel like summer had begun on the West Coast? (Hint: it’s called ‘June-uary’ in Washington State and ‘June Gloom’ in Santa Barbara.) Is it easier to fall asleep in a high chair or in an economy class seat on a trip to the Far East? What is the best way to get from Santa Barbara, California to Bellingham, Washington. And, if that’s too hard: Is there a safe way to get from Santa Barbara to Bellingham? Who just happens to have five
crayon costumes? Did Nazy complete both The Family Tree and The greatest marble run? Read More...

sandy graduation mis-sizes pajama party tree marble

nazy and the boys jumping June 2020

Who won’t wear his new pajamas? (And why?) Did Dan ‘let’ Tiger play in the sand? Of course he did, but who let Tiger bring sand into Nazy’s car? What year does the Safavi Family Tree start? Did it take Nazy longer than that to complete the watercolor depiction? How did the video Kindergarten graduation go? To mask or not to mask? Is that a question?

Tie dyed family trees are composting in the garage

Arrow and Tiger closeup June 5 2020

Will Dan have a place in Nazy’s Family Tree? Would it have helped if Dan’s surname was the same as Nazy’s maiden name? And if so, would the tree’s roots be hopeless entangled? Why does chocolate ice cream tend to melt faster than rainbow sherbet? Will Nazy remember how to tie dye tee shirts? Is anyone brave enough to ‘clean the garage’ — again? Who is this month’s recipient of the Birthday Zoom call? Read More...

Uber’s chalky driveway masks poetic topiary lotus blossoms

dan and the boys and Lotusland May 2020

Can Dan get an Uber to 2021? What is i Mardonnari? Does a chalk-filled artistically beautiful driveway have anything to do with i Mardonnari? Will Tiger and Arrow (and Dan and Nazy) wear masks as the visit the most beautiful garden (Lotusland) in the world? Who celebrated her third birthday by speaking three languages? What is Azelle’s favorite question? (Hint: ‘Why’ do I ask?) And who is about to graduate? (From Kindergarten?) Read More...