Rainbow Carnivore flushed wagon sharing boys into Condor wings

nazy and arrow at dolphin place

Does swimming with the dolphins (successfully) improve your aquarium keeping skillset? (Hint: Dolphins are not fish.) What would you do with a carnivorous rainbow fish? What does politics have to do with a broken clock? In fact, doesn’t politics have a lot to do with anything broken?) How do you get a two year old and a four year old to share a wagon? Why did Tiger know the wingspan of a California Condor? And how did he choose to convey that information? Read More...

filter-free Odysseus trapped in Costa yogurt

Can Nazy reunite Odysseus and Penelope - using a yogurt container and a tea strainer? Is the family’s tax rate too high for a Presidential candidacy? How does the garage qualify Dan for a cruise ship captaincy? Read More...