Tiger talks planets and (orange) tin foil on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving table 2020

What will Nazy do for the first time since we returned to the USA from Switzerland? And what didn’t happen this Thanksgiving that ‘always’ happens on Thanksgiving? Did Dan’s decision to insure his iPhone against damage turn out well? Would the answer be the same if he hadn’t removed the glass screen protector? How about if he hadn’t given the iPhone to his six year old grandson after he removed the screen protector? How much territory does a Red Tail shark need? Who gave a Zoom talk about astronomy?

Zoom enables Socially Distant Birthdays

zoom Nazy Birthday

How many days are there in March? Is that number fixed or does COVID19 make changes? Will Dan be able to find the ingredients and skills necessary to bake a cake for Nazy’s birthday? Hint: ‘Yes’ to one half of the question. Does Dan know how to turn on the oven? More to the point, does Dan know what an oven is? How will Zoom, PowerPoint and Play Doh help the celebration? Read More...