Yellow Jacket Noises off(set) Nazlyn Monroe Congressman

nazlyn 1

If Nazy goes to a costume party as Nazlyn Monroe, what costume should Dan choose? If you wanted to scare the children on Halloween, you’d surely choose to be a Congressman - but what would you wear? (I thought of going as slime, but it was a dinner party.) Who decided that it would be a ‘good idea’ to attend a theatre event at the Circle Bar B Guest Ranch & Stables (and dinner theatre)? What’s worse when you’re eating outside: Yellow Jackets? or Flies? Read More...

piano and pine cone caught in hoarded drizzle

four generations

Can Dan outsmart a resilient and crafty piano? Is Dan’s desire that art “look like something” hopelessly archaic? Was Monet ever a Contemporary Artist? (Will Dan remember that Nazy is a contemporary Artist?) Can hardened, experienced Californians used to dealing with fires and earthquakes, meet the challenge of a “Drizzle Alert”? Read More...

Congress hikes on romantic Persian planetarium Mission

hollywood sign 3

How does the US Congress compare to the sophisticated dignity of a Miley Cyrus performance? Did the person who said: “As easy as taking candy from a baby” ever try to take candy from a baby? How did Dan’s birthday visit in Los Angeles rekindle memories of Dan’s invention of computer hacking. (Should he have patented the idea?) How has the time spent in ‘engagement status’ changed over the past decades? And why didn’t Dan stop in Westwood? Read More...