Uber’s chalky driveway masks poetic topiary lotus blossoms

As March rolls on into summer, we received the news that …

“… Uber is back, Nazy!” I called.

“So what?” Nazy replied. “I don’t want to go anywhere with Uber.”

“Why not? I’m trying to book a ride to 2021.”

“Don’t forget your mask.”

At this time of year, we traditionally celebrate Mitra’s birthday and the annual i Mardonnari chalk painting festival. The tradition was a bit different this year.

chalk art May 25 2020 Arrow and tiger

Mitra’s birthday celebration was a Zoomfest — she hasn’t been able to visit since March began … so very long ago. She will likely stay in Los Angles until the covid-19 crisis eases at the end of March. I expect March to end around December.

This year artists did the paintings on their own driveways. And we did our part as well.
Tiger and Arrow, with some help from Nazy, decorated our driveway.

As the boys were admiring their work, Tiger got worried..

chalk picture for TWL

“… you can’t drive on it, Dan! Don’t mess it up.”

“The car is in the garage, Tiger,” I replied reasonably, “I can’t go anywhere without driving on the driveway.”


“That’s why they call it a ‘drive way’, Tiger.”


“The car won’t hurt the painting, Tiger. And, because rain will not appear until the New Year, we will have a vividly decorated garage
entrance for months,” I asserted, hopefully.

Last Christmas, Mitra gave us a membership to
Lotusland, a beautiful Botanical Garden. The garden has reopened for members on a reservation and mask wearing basis. We took Arrow and Tiger to see the plants, the flowers, the cactus, the ponds and the beautiful grounds. They were both very excited to get out and with us, they enjoyed the gardens.

nazy and the boys fountain Lotusland May 2020

Mask rules mandated mask wearing when near people. Both boys were very good about this — except that Arrow’s mask suffered from the loss of one ear attachment loop. Both boys were well-aware of the ‘Corona Virus’ and both were cautious, but happy to be outside.

Arrow really liked looking at the map and finding our location..

“…we are at number 16!”

Tiger was more goal-directed..

“Where are the cactus?”

Aside; The Cactus are amazing.

We also walked through the outdoor theatre and ran through the ‘Big Lawn’.

TWL Lotusland image

Everyone liked the topiary display. We watched the artist trimming a hedge to look like a peacock and admired the lion. We stopped by the Shoreline Cafe on the way home to get (takeout) hot dogs.
Back at home, Tiger practiced the poem (
Be Glad Your Nose is on Your Face, by Jack Prelutsky) that he will recite for the (virtual) Kindergarten graduation this week.

Azelle continues to scare her parents and grandparents. Once she learned to climb out of the crib, Melika and Tom made sure that her bedroom was locked from the outside. Last week, Melika, finding herself locked in the bedroom, used a bobby pin to unlock the door. She failed to notice that Azelle was taking notes and, worse, she left the bobby pin on Azelle’s changing table. Azelle woke up in the middle of the night, pushed her shopping cart to the changing table, climbed up and located the bobby pin. [This is all verified by surveillance video.) She couldn’t get the bobby pin to work. That night Melika tried to explain…

Azelle eating with her spoon May 2020

“… so if you wake up and it’s dark, stay in your bed.”


“Don’t open the door, just stay in bed. You should sleep when it is dark.”


“Do not get out of bed when it is dark. You might fall and hurt yourself.”


And, in Bellingham, Washington, Darius’ classes have almost ended for the semester. He and Christiane have done remarkably well during the lockdown. Luckily everybody is healthy (Christiane’s foot has healed) and both young ladies have had birthdays. Summer holidays are about to arrive. Nazy and I hope to visit them all this summer.

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Leandra and Auriane in Bellingham

Auriane and Leandra swing

Dan with the boys at Lotusland

dan and the boys and Lotusland May 2020

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