baby loves books (with salt) while Dan blows birthday fire

My birthday week has begun…

week?” Nazy interjected.

“That’s right. my dear, a full week of festivity and celebration.” I replied. “
And all for me,” I thought.

This week, before the parties began, I noticed that young Azelle had a deep interest in books. While I was (attempting) to rock her to sleep, she kept pointing to the books on the shelf behind me.

She is clever and literate,” I thought. “Or merely crafty and sly,” I (re)thought as I realized that she had successfully delayed bedtime. Agaiin.

Several books and block piles later, she was still awake. I put Azelle, and a book, into her crib. She looked at me and held her arms out.
Azelle digests book

“I will pick you up,” I said. “But it is late and you have to go to sleep now.”

As promised, I picked her up. She put her head on my shoulder and immediately fell asleep.

I should have tried that before,” I thought as I put her into the crib, next to the Unicorn book.

When Melika came to get Azelle when she woke up the next morning, she found the Unicorn book — a gnawed Unicorn book.

“… and she literally ate the book.”

“She’s into consuming literature, Mel,” I replied.

“She chewed on the book, Dad.”

“Some writing is dense and hard to digest.” I countered.

“Dad! She ate the book.”

“She only nibbled around the edges, Melika,” I concluded after looking at the book. I hoped that Mel wouldn’t ask ‘who’ left the book in the crib.

To help celebrate my birthday, Mitra and Stefan drove up from Los Angeles. They joined Melika, Tiger, Arrow, Azelle and, of course, Nazy for a birthday dinner at Zaytoon Restaurant. Nazy, ever romantic, managed to conjure a round table with a central fire pit. It was …
“… a great idea, Nazy,” I said.

“I don’t want a fire,” Tiger wailed.

“Tiger,” Nazy began.

“No! No! NO! I will sit on the floor.” Tiger responded leaving reason quivering in the corner.

Luckily, the food tastes just as good without a fire. And the company was more than charming. The evening was fun and cheerful.

at Zaytoon Sept 2019

If you make a careful examination of the photo above, you will undoubtedly discover that there is no birthday cake to be discovered. (You also won’t see a pit fire.) A birthday…

“… without cake, Nazy,” I explained, “is like a husband without a mustache.”

“The restaurant is bringing you some balaclava with a candle.” Nazy replied.

“I’ll blow out the candle, Dan.” Tiger interjected.

“Thanks Tiger,” I replied. “Eliminating fires is your forte. But, I thought, Nazy, that…”

“Don’t worry, Dan. Mitra, Tiger and Arrow made a cake. We can have some after we leave.”


“But Mitra used whole eggs when the recipe called for egg whites…”

dzn bday cake 2019

“So my white cake is yellow?” I whimpered.

“No, Dan,” Tiger interrupted. “The
cake is blue, with a star. I designed the decorations.”

While we were enjoying the cake, Arrow, three years old, turned to Mitra.

“On Friday, I’m going to talk with Stefan about restaurants and cooking,” he explained.

“Wow,” Mitra replied. “
That was somewhat unexpected,” Mitra thought.

And, while everyone else was enjoying the cake, Azelle was banging around in a kitchen cupboard. She also located Melika’s high platform heels. She tried to get those onto her feet.

And, as mentioned last week, Darius, Christiane and the lovely little girls, are back home in Washington State. They had an extended stopover in a beautiful city on the way back. I suspect that you’ll be able to guess the name of the city if you examine the photo below carefully… look, for example at the tower.
Azelle with shoe Sept 2019

“Tower, Dan?” Nazy asked “Isn’t that giving it away?”

“Of course not, Nazy. Airports have towers. Pisa has a leaning tower, London has an ancient tower, Arrow built a block tower, we had a room in ‘The Tower’ at the Wynn in Las Vegas,Tower was the name of my Georgia Tech dorm..”

“Your explanation is a towering pile of..”

“Now, now, my dear, don’t interrupt the thoughts of an author with his pen..”

“You’re using a computer.”

“But I’m thinking like I would with pen and paper.”


“Every once in a while, when I can’t think of something to write, I wad up a piece of paper and chuck it toward the garbage can.”

“You must have had several cases of writer’s block today,” Nazy replied. “Your garbage can is surrounded by hundreds of crumbled balls of paper.”

“Creativity is not always neat,” I replied.
“Some of those wads are Kleenex,” I thought.

Darius and Family arrived in Seattle after a long trans-Atlantic and then trans-continental flight. Naturally, the children fell asleep just as the flight arrived in Seattle. I expect that Leandra and Auriane, after being carried through the airport, woke up just as Darius and Christiane were back home, exhausted and ready for bed.

dari and family in Paris Sep 2019

Young Auriane has really grown quickly. (see below)

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auriane in Paris sept 2019

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