kindergarteners walk backwards toward sky scraping nook

Here we are — almost a year into the covid pandemic. Vaccines that work are on the way…

“… on the horizon, coming soon, being planned, being shipped, being stored…” Nazy interrupted.

“…. but not being injected into my arm..” I began.
nazy at butterfly beach Feb 2 2021

“.. or my arm,” Nazy concluded.

Depending on who you ask, we’re either close to being eligible or we are eligible. However, neither of us have the stamina or inclination to spend hours on-line searching for a vaccination appointment. Luckily, we’re still in Santa Barbara and we’re able to spend a lot of time outdoors on he beach — which we share with lots of dog walkers.

“Aren’t you glad that we don’t greet people by smelling their butt?” Nazy asked as she spotted two dogs meeting.

“Glad you’re not a dog?” I replied.

This has been an exciting week for Arrow. He had an interview with a Kindergarten teacher at the Crane Country Day School. (We are expecting the vaccine situation to be resolved in time for the fall beginning of classes.) I asked Melika how it went:

“He did really well, Dad. They asked him to recite the alphabet, count to 34, do a bit of addition (5+5 and 4+2), write his name and draw some shapes.”
Arrow interview

“He can certainly do all of that,”

“Then they asked him to stand on one leg and walk backwards. That was somewhat difficult.”

“I don’t think I can walk backwards on one leg, Melika.” Nazy interjected.

I don’t think he had to do it at the same time,” I thought.

“First stand on one leg and then walk backwards using two legs,” Melika clarified.

“That sounds pretty simple,” I replied. “It’s nice to know that I am qualified for kindergarten.” “With your handwriting, Dan, they may not be able to tell whether you can write your own name,” Nazy replied.
Tiger and hattie cropped Rocky Nook

Covid precautions have significantly impacted social contacts for children. Continuing school remotely, Tiger is one of only three first First Graders who have taken this path. For a variety of reasons, all three families are very careful. For obvious reasons, all three first graders are getting stir crazy. So, it was decided that it would be safe for the children to see each other in person.

To begin, I took Tiger to nearby
Rocky Nook Park for a visit with Hattie. Both children wore masks for the entire outdoor excursion. The park is really pretty, the kids liked climbing on rocks and throwing pebbles (and somewhat bigger rocks) into Mission Creek, which runs through the park. And..

“… amazingly, Nazy,” I explained later, “there was water in Mission Creek.”

“It was your lucky day.”
skyscraper 2

“And Tiger’s, too,” I replied. “Or it rained yesterday,” I thought.

At school, the first graders have been studying skyscrapers, this Friday, Melika invited both Hattie and Luca over to work on a model skyscraper with Tiger. The results were impressive. (So impressive that it occurred to me that the first graders may have had some parental help.)

Meanwhile, in Washington State, the US State Department scheduled and had an interview with Christiane…

“… in Seattle, Dad.” Darius explained. “And they wouldn’t let me come in during the interview because we brought the children.”

“I’m sure…”

“She aced it, Dad. Now we just have to wait for the green
card to arrive.”

Even though it took far (far, far) too long, we’re happy that it has finally worked out. (Finally means ‘as soon as the mail arrives’.)

It was much easier when Nazy got her green
card many years ago: she applied and they mailed it to her. Right away.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the days longer, Arrow and Azelle wanted to begin practicing mobile transportation alternatives.

“Mobile transportation alternatives?” Nazy queried. “Arrow wanted to ride his bike.”

“That’s what I meant,” I replied.

We carefully guided them down the (steep) dr
iveway and onto the sidewalk. We told Arrow to put his feet on the pedals and push; we told Azelle to sit and keep her feet off the ground while we pushed.

“Arrow is sitting and Azelle is pushing,” Nazy observed.

“Of course.” I replied.

TWL Feb 7 1

Although the weather is wonderful, Santa Barbara is still, according to the weather service, ‘abnormally dry”.

“They say that every year,” Nazy observed. “That means it’s not abnormal.”

“Sometimes they say we’re in a drought.” i replied.

“The year before last, it was a ‘severe drought’ — remember?”

“So ‘abnormally dry’ is actually ‘abnormally good’. Right?”


“It’s like saying that GOP House members have a strong backbone compared to a jellyfish.”

“Or engrained principles compared to a ..”

“ … slab of Jello.” I concluded.

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Arrow and Azelle

TWL Feb 7 2

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