It works - in moderation

Capitalism works! So does, er, did penicillin before overuse created resistant (now immune) strains of bacteria. Dieting is good for you - unless you overdo it and become anorexic. Deregulation is undoubtedly positive - if you don’t mind wallowing in pollution while you’re earning $3/day. Read More...

Riding a dead horse?

Riding a dead horse

While I’m not a legal expert, I’ve been baffled (and bewildered, befuddled and bemused) by the amount of hostile reaction the new healthcare plan has provoked. It seems to me that decisions should be based on facts. The facts are compelling. The previous American system has the highest cost of any in the developed world. The previous American system delivered poor results in every metric - including patient satisfaction. If you’re paying a high price for poor service what do you do? It’s simple: If you’re riding a dead horse - get off.