Ten Naz Commandments

Ten Naz Commandments

One, two, three, four

Five, six, seven, eight, nine…
It’s the ten Naz Commandments.
It’s the ten Naz Commandments.

Number one!
Be smart. Get your education.
Join your siblings in the States for the duration.

Number two!
Find your soul mate, a mathematician.
A Ramblin’ Wreck not afraid of competition.

Number three!
Have your children: one, two, and three
Set a good example:
Kindness, honesty, joie de vivre.

This can be hard but the rewards are vast
Good, fun adults with lots of class.

Number four!
Become gourmet cook; who’d a thunk it?
Grew up with servants but I now submit
She somehow has the gift of knowing what’s tasty,
Though bans sugar cookies and may not be too hasty.

On the move, US and Canada.
Hey, Europe needs your kind of stamina.

Number six!
International Women’s clubs
Start to help members learn new culture with no flubs.

Shop like a pro; know all the best places.
High end outlets, farmers’ markets, hats galore she embraces.

Number eight!
Your last chance don’t prevaricate.
Bring in the hubby, see if he can set the record straight…

All: Hey, where’s our Dan?

[Dan]: Yo, here I am.

[All]: Can we agree we need Naz in our clan?

[D]: We can
And what’s more she’s in very high demand!

[All]: Hmmm; what for? Help us understand.

[D]: Hang on, the answer is plain to see: Tiger, Leandra, and Arrow agree…

[Melika & Tom]: Don’t forget our pending she!
(Pointing to tummy)

[All]: Number nine!

Grand Maman Joon, aim no higher,
Summon all the love you require.
Then count.

[All]: One, two, three, four,
Five, six, seven, eight, nine

Number Ten!




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