Little Danny and the black hole

bandaged fingers
Did anyone notice the black hole that caused Dan’s injury? Where can you find a purple band-aid? How did Dan react when the travel division made a mistake that favored him? (I.e. a BMW instead of a Micra?) Read More...

Polish ceramics organizING HP Bank Clients

june fixed HP orgchart

Who will go to a “Hat Garden Party?” Can Dan be trusted to buy ceramics in Poland? (By himself?) What’s the optimal organizational structure for a Dutch Bank?

HP-WAY(laid) Boss Search at bulb-challenged Shopville

nazy and puzzle

Who can make a BIG DEAL out of looking for a light bulb? Can Dan finish the 4000 piece jigsaw puzzle? How does the cat manage family activities? And… will Dan be HP-Way(laid) as he struggles to adjust to a new boss?


compressed, eh, compaq-ed decaffeinated pilotING

glacier with skies
Who would assign three project managers to the same job - at the same time? Can anyone learn to focus? Why is decaffeinated coffee the beverage of choice? Read More...

California beaches with luggage for Melika

Melika on Motorcycle
Why would Melika ask us to drop her off at college? Will the new roommate be a neatness freak? If your hotel room was on the 68th floor, would you be surprised if the clerk says “you can take the elevator”? And why is VAN-GO, the vanity-license tagged Martin Family van now VAN-GONE? Read More...